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Instructors work closely with their students, adjusting and advancing the course of study based on each unique rider’s needs. Our team of instructors specialize in all levels of riding for a multitude of disciplines including English, Western, Jumping, Dressage, and Equitation. Individual lessons provide the rider with the opportunity to focus on developing their strengths and correcting their weaknesses.

In addition, Cougar Mountain Stables houses over 35 horses in order to address a variety of skill levels. As the riders progress through the levels and acquire new skills or explore different disciplines, Cougar Mountain Stables can provide horses that accommodate the riders’ unique needs. Riders also have the option of leasing horses in order to continue fine-tuning their riding skills.

At this time we currently only accept emails to schedule lessons. Please fill out the form below to get on our waiting list! Rebecca does not answer her phone, during lessons or when she is with clients. We are a small family run private facility, we do not have an answering service, receptionist or someone staffed for questions during business hours. Thank you for your understanding!


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Introduction to Horsemanship 101

For all students that are new to horses, it is highly advised to go through our Introduction to Horsemanship 101 class before taking lessons.

Intro to Horsemanship 101 is designed for students to take a tour of our facility, ask questions and take this session from the ground. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of horses!

In this class we will teach you the basics of horse psychology, anatomy, feeding, daily chores, learn safety and grooming, tack anatomy and application, breeds and colors, conformation, horse care and more! We will teach you how to be safe and have fun while learning about these amazing creatures. Please note, no riding in this class.

  • Many students that do not attend this class will spend 3/4th of their time learning how to do everything above during their lesson.
  • If you have attended a Cougar Mountain Stables summer camp you do not need to attend the Horsemanship 101!
  • Please note this does not guarantee or open any additional instructor blocks of time.

Choose a class specifically for Adults or Children, all ages welcome.

* Please reserve a date & time before purchasing! Email Here

Class Times: 4hrs ($37.50/hr)

Costs: $150.00


Evaluation Ride

This is a vital step to placing riders into our program. An evaluation ride helps us to match you with one of our skilled instructors in order to pursue your goals! What you can expect in an evaluation ride,

- Show us your skills on the ground and under saddle

- Demonstrate grooming knowledge and basic anatomy

- Discuss riding goals and previous experience

* Please fill out our lesson registration form here and an instructor will contact you to schedule!

1hr - 1.5 hour

Costs: $80.00





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The goal of these programs is to make the riding experience one which your child will always remember. Each child is sure to make great new friends, build confidence, measurably improve his or her riding skills, and gain a deeper respect and love for animals. Safe ponies and horses with quiet temperaments, coupled with expert teaching from instructors who enjoy working with children, can lead to a wonderfully satisfying experience. Once you child is feeling comfortable on horseback, it is possible for them to participate in one of our many group programs.

Usually students of any level begin with at least one private lesson to evaluate goals and levels.  Beginners or students returning to riding lessons after a long break may require anywhere from 3 to 6 private lessons (depending on the rider) in order to reach a basic proficiency and safety level to enroll in regular group lessons.  Exceptions to this policy are students who have satisfactorily completed one of our summer horsemanship camps.

Payment is expected in advance to hold a lesson spot after scheduling.  Make-ups for group or private riding lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice are allowed within 30 days of the missed lesson.



Group Riding Lessons

1hr - 1.5 hour - 3 or more riders

Horsemanship instruction is taught with an emphasis on safety and understanding. On horseback, students are instructed using basic Balanced Seat style for correct posture, balance, communication with the horse. Skills are taught using games, obstacle courses, and other fun activities with friends of equal skill. On the ground, students learn to groom, lead, bridle, and saddle the horses they ride. Advanced groups may focus on specific topics and theory such as colt training, jumping, dressage, and other technical knowledge. Safety and responsible care of the horse are always emphasized.

This lesson includes three or more students, one main instructor and one or two working student instructors. To ride in a group all riders must first have an instructor evaluate their ability. Then you can join or create a group with riders who have similar skills and goals.



$200 per month of 4 weekly lessons

* Please reserve a date & time before purchasing!

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Youth Group Riding Lessons


Semi-Private Lessons

1 hour - 2 riders

Want to ride with a friend or fellow rider? Then enjoy this 45 minute lesson where two people can learn not just from the instructor but from each other. To ride in a Semi-private, both riders must first be evaluated in separate private lessons.

$240 per month of 4 weekly lessons

* Please reserve a date & time before purchasing!

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Youth Semi-Private Riding Lessons


Private Lessons

1 hour - Private

Enjoy the one on one instruction with a trainer that can meet your needs at any level. All riders new to CMS start with a Private lesson, no matter the riding experience. We start teaching private lessons at 5 years old.

$280 per month of 4 weekly lessons

* Please reserve a date & time before purchasing!

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Youth Private Riding Lessons


Youth Beginner Private Lessons

~ Working Student Instructor ~

These lessons are only for youth beginners that are just starting lessons. We have several student instructors that are working towards being a main instructor with us here at Cougar Mountain Stables! We all need to start someone where and this is a great opportunity to ride with excellent student instructor at a discounted rate.

Many of the Working Student Instructors have been riding with us for years and know our program and currently take lessons themselves to further their education. They are considered Intermediate to Advanced riders and have a true passion for horses. Many of them own their own horses or are currently full leasing one of ours.

Once a student is comfortable saddling, riding at a walk and halting we highly suggest joining our group lessons for more fun and games!


Current WSI's

- Taylor

- Reese

$240 per month of 4 weekly lessons

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Working Student Instructor - Private Lesson






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Please direct any lesson program scheduling, questions, or concerns to cmslessonprograms@gmail.com

note: all lessons must be used within the same month of purchasing, rider will be charged for a lesson if less than 24 hours is given.


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All riders should plan to arrive 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

In the event the student is late we will attempt to compensate him or her for the lost time if both the instructor and the horse's schedule allow. In the event that it cannot be accomplished the time will be forfeited without the right to future compensation.

If the instructor or the facility causes the tardiness, the student's lesson time will be extended so as to achieve the entire lesson time or the student will be compensated for the missed portion.

Please note that lesson time includes tack adjustment, warm-up, cool-down (on or off the horse) and tack re-adjustment in preparation for exiting.

Although we will always attempt to accommodate a client's request for a particular horse, we can not guarantee that the requested horse will always be available. If you would like to ensure the same horse will always be available, please talk to your instructor about options for leasing horses.


For your safety and comfort, we ask that you adhere to the following dress code:

Helmet - All riders are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet. Helmets used for other sports will not be allowed. If you do not have your own, we have a wide selection of helmets for you to borrow.





Pants - All riders must wear full length pants. Shorts or skirts are not acceptable attire. Cultural/religious accommodations can be made - please notify us when booking the lesson.





Shoes - All riders must wear a boot with a small defined heel (i.e. Hiking boot, work boot, rain boot). Sneakers, "Ugg" style boots, open toes, or flat soles are not acceptable footwear.






 Note: Rider will be charged for a lesson if less than 24 hours is given. If rider cancels or misses three (3) consecutive lessons for any reason, Cougar Mountain Stables reserves the right to assign the lesson time to another rider.

All lessons require a 24 hour cancellation notice in order to fill the riding lesson slot or client will be charged unless due to inclement weather. We believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY lessons, as we prefer to provide personalized & safe instruction to our students, therefore lessons are private, semi private or group with 3 riders maximum. Lesson packages are valid for for a 30-60 day period. It is the responsibility of the rider to schedule make up lessons. NO REFUNDS ON PACKAGES. Lesson riders are expected to be on time to their scheduled appointments, riders who show up 30 minutes tardy to their scheduled lesson will have their lesson cancelled and will be charged for the missed appointment, in order for instructors to stay on schedule with other students. ALL beginner level lessons are private only for safety reasons.

Instructor Cancellation:

If a particular instructor is unavailable on a given day, Cougar Mountain Stables will make every effort to provide a qualified substitute instructor. If a substitute instructor is provided, the lesson will remain as scheduled. This shall not constitute cause for cancellation and subsequent credit to the client. If one cannot be provided, the client will be contacted and the lesson will be canceled at no charge.

In the event an instructor will not be available for an extended period of time, the client will be contacted and given the option to reschedule with another instructor or canceling at no charge.



Horseback riding is a sport, an athletic activity and we need to make sure everyone who rides horses at our facility are in good physical condition. The following is what is recommended for horseback riding. Academy programs, including lessons, often have different guidelines than trail riding facilities. We will be following these guidelines at Cougar Mountain Stables.


Riders need to be strong and flexible enough to mount the horse unassisted from a mounting block. This requires lifting your foot at least 30" off the ground to get it in the stirrup and pulling yourself up into the saddle with reasonable effort. (Exception is riders in our therapy program)


We have found that riders whose weight is not in proportion to their height often have less balance and, therefore, are more likely to fall off. Overweight riders without the accompanying overall strength are not able to regain their balance if they tip forward or fall sideways.

For the comfort and safety of both horse and rider, weight limitations are in effect. For rider safety and the safety and well being of the horses, we have a maximum rider weight limit of 200 pounds plus the saddle and tack.

Management and our instructors reserve the right to request verification of the information given. Exceptions will be made at our discretion. We reserve the right to terminate a horseback riding session for safety reasons.




Please direct any lesson program related questions, concerns, or regarding scheduling to cmslessonprograms@gmail.com


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