Equine Massage Therapy

We all want our horses to perform their best.  Whether they are a high level dressage horse, competing reining horse, pleasure horse or competitive trail horse, all horses are athletes and can only perform at their best when they are in top physical condition.  Tight or sore muscles, muscle spasms and those agonizing “knots” can all affect your horse’s behavior and performance, making it difficult for him to be all that he can be. By incorporating massage therapy as a regular part of your horses training and health program you can help create a more well-balanced horse mentally, emotionally and physically.

Some of the benefits of massage:

Whether your horse is recovering from an injury, you want to prevent an injury, or he’s stiff from standing in the pasture; massage therapy can help him attain and maintain peak performance.

Our certified massage therapists offer the following services:

Full body massage - $50


To read more please visit one of our therapist website, Horse Sport Therapy!



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