Boarding Services & Rates: The Red Barn & Cougar Mountain Stables

Full Care Horse Boarding - 2 Barns, lots of options and over 75 acres!


The Red Barn, Boarding Rates as of October 16, 2018

Boarding Application ~ This is not the boarding agreement.

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The Red Barn amenities include:


Pasture Boarding - $300 Includes: Teeth Floating ~ 6 months of boarding required before teeth floated (we may haul to a vet clinic)Vaccinations and deworming records must be provided when given and horses must be kept up to date. No, this is not a removable option.

Please be advised if requesting pasture boarding: During the winter months horses are given grain to help balance their weight. They are given free choice round bales and large 950lb alfalfa bales. Some horses do very well and maintain weight, some breeds and older horses will need owners to supplement extra feed on their own. If unable to care for the horses needs during the winter months and we notice a significant drop in weight horses will need to be moved up to the barn for additional boarding fees.

Horses may be moved between two large fields depending on ground conditions and ease of feeding for staff. They will not be moved closer to the barn on request. If you'd like your horse closer to the barn please select stall boarding.

During the summer, horses are free choice grazing and tend to gain a significant amount of weight between April - September!




Cougar Mountain Stables, Boarding Rates as of 10/16/2018

Boarding Application ~ This is not the boarding agreement.

Our amenities include:




Now has rubber nike footing!! Love it!


 Additional Services:


Local Hauling Services:

($.69 per mile hauling charge - subject to change)




Administration of Veterinarian Perscribed Treatments:





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