Training Services

Cougar Mountain Stables has full time trainers and instructors on site providing expertise in all disciplines.

Just like people, horses learn best when taught with confidence and consistency. We understand the ups-and-downs of working with horses and potential roadblocks of teaching something new. It can be hard to make progress when you're frustrated, or just don't have enough time to go around. Let us help you by jump-starting your horse's training.

Our goal in training is to use consistent pressure and release to gain control of every part of the horse while building a relationship founded on trust. Once that is achieved, you can go anywhere together.

Horses will always perform to the level of their rider. To help ensure your success when you take your horse home, we recommend that you attend a private lesson after your horse's training. We will work with you and your horse, and answer any questions you may have.

CMS is a complete training and educational facility offering professional horse training, riding lessons, boarding, leasing, horses for sale, breeding, foaling and more!

Training styles offered:

Training Pricing: (does not include board)

5 days a week - $500/month

3 days a week - $350/month


2 days a week - $250/month

Colt Starting - $650/month

Trailer Loading - $150 (within 30mi radius)


Cougar Mountain Stables is not affiliated with the few trainers below but promotes the training techniques and styles depending on riding discipline and the horses.




Cougar Mountain Stables

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